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Attorneys and Insurance companies:Save time and money on your medically based case

Attorneys and Insurance Companies: Save time and money on your next medically based case!

Legal Nurse Consultants of CNY can quickly review and organize your client's health records while validating the merit of your case. We back our opinions and bolster your case with the most relevant standards of care. We can also provide detailed chronological and narrative reports, timeline of events, and  assist you in locating expert witnesses among many other services. We efficiently define and bring clarity to the medical aspects of your case so you can more effectively develop the legal aspects.

Legal Nurse Consultants of CNY is an active member of the National Association of Legal Nurse Consultants®

Legal Nurse Consultants of CNY specializes in Long Term Care, Rehabilitation and Geriatrics.

However, because we are members of the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants®,  we are able to manage all types of cases as we can rely on the assistance of thousands of other Certified Legal Nurse Consultants© each specializing in their own unique field.

Let us assist you with your next  medically based case!

100% guarantee on our services

We guarantee our services!

We offer a 100% guarantee to refund the cost of our services if we do not provide the services agreed upon in the timeframe established. Legal Nurse Consultants of CNY knows that every client is the most important client and every case is the most important case!

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